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We specialize in complete kitchen remodeling Fairfax, VA. Remodeling that can be very gratifying, but it can also be demanding. Major kitchen remodeling jobs can take a significant amount of patience, money, and time, but it can be a worthwhile investment. While the negative side of kitchen renovations can’t always be avoided, these tips will make the process less frustrating. We also design and install custom bathroom remodeling as well as marble and granite counter tops!

Kitchen Designing

For many people, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s a room where food is prepared and it’s also a room that people like to gather in. In addition, a kitchen, especially with the decor of today, can add tremendously to the look of the house. In fact, to highlight the importance of a good kitchen in a home, many real estate experts will often be heard saying that kitchens sell houses. With how useful a good kitchen is, and how a kitchen can add to the decor of the home, many people who suffer from a kitchen that doesn’t look good or function well will turn to kitchen remodeling northern Virginia.

Often times, people are saddled with kitchens that don’t look all that good. In some cases, people live in homes that have small kitchens that don’t function very well. This is especially common in older Northern Virginia homes. However, kitchen remodel Fairfax VA can do wonders for these types of dilemmas.

The fact is there are a number of different approaches. Dressing up a tired kitchen can be as simple as updating flooring, lighting, cabinets, and appliances. However, there are times where not only is the kitchen outdated, but the kitchen is too cramped, or perhaps the kitchen layout doesn’t lend itself to being very functional. In these instances, a remodeling service will have to take a different approach.


In some instances, especially with kitchens that are big enough but suffer from poor function, rearranging the floor plan may be necessary. Sometimes this is done in combination with updating the kitchen. This can give someone the kitchen that they’ve always dreamed of from both a functional and a decorative standpoint.

However, in a small kitchen, simply rearranging the kitchen may not be enough. There are instances where the kitchen may need to be expanded. This can be as simple as opening up a wall or two in an enclosed kitchen space. There are times where an actual addition is made to the home to create a more functional and spacious kitchen area.

The simple fact is that kitchen remodel Fairfax, VA experts can handle just about any remodeling project a person can throw at them. Whether it’s a kitchen that needs a fresh look, needs to be rearranged or needs to be expanded, remodeling companies are the one you’ll want to partner with. With the possibilities that remodeling companies bring to the table in giving you a new, beautiful and functioning kitchen, you shouldn’t feel like you have to live with an old and dysfunctional kitchen space any longer.

Carefully Choose Appliances

The most expensive and up-to-date appliances aren’t what every kitchen needs, and customers should base their decisions on the look they want. For instance, is it necessary to choose a six-burner stove when a four-burner model will do just as well? A fancy refrigerator may be an unneeded expense, and there are many economically-sound choices for any Fairfax marble and granite kitchen. To make the right choice, clients should do their own research and pay careful attention to their budget.

Expand Inward to Keep Costs Down

Space is a concern in most kitchens, but expansion does not always necessitate adding to the home’s structure. If the homeowner does not need a significant amount of square footage, but they need enough for additional cabinetry or a breakfast nook, capturing a few feet from an adjacent room may be the right way to go. This might require the removal of a wall, but builders are equipped to do the job.

Consider Future Upkeep

If maintenance is not high on the homeowner’s agenda, they should carefully select the materials to be used. Aside from regular upkeep, other factors worth considering include durability and price. Marble may be beautiful, but it is costly and high-maintenance. Granite is a fine alternative if the homeowner lacks the time or budget for the extensive maintenance marble requires.

Add Enough Ventilation

A suitable exhaust system is a crucial part of a new kitchen, especially when it is one of the home’s most frequently used rooms. For kitchens, it is often best to have the remodeling contractor install more ventilation than is needed. Contractors can help clients choose equipment that is low-noise and simple to clean.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in a kitchen’s appearance. Task lighting is fine for work areas, and pendant lights can have a gorgeous effect when hung over a dining table. However, recessed lighting is an ongoing trend in kitchen remodeling.

Be Selective With Cabinetry

Cabinetry can make or break the appearance of the kitchen, and selection can be difficult. Wood is a popular finish, but there are many other styles and materials available. Using stock cabinets can be a money-saver, but it can be difficult to combine them with other decor pieces. For a high-quality, custom look, customers should choose the best pulls and hinges they can afford.

Flooring Choice is Everything

One of the most important criteria for kitchen floors is their ability to endure extensive foot traffic. Hardwood is very attractive, but it can be slippery, and many homeowners are concerned about stains and spills. Other popular choices include porcelain tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring.

Professional kitchen and bath remodeling in Fairfax, VA may be complex, but they do not have to be majorly difficult. An experienced Virginia kitchen and bath contractor can be a real lifesaver even if the homeowner plans to undertake some of the minor tasks. Local contractors are homeowners who understand how frustrating and exciting it can be to remodel a kitchen and/or bath. We also install granite counter tops in Chantilly, Va. Call or visit today to schedule a consultation or for more information.

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Kitchen Design Trends

In the average American home, the kitchen is one of the most frequently remodeled rooms. This occurs because of changes in home design trends as well as the fact that it receives more foot traffic per day than other areas. The rest of the house can generally be “remodeled” through a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture, but kitchens have much more complex features. Some individuals attempt to personally undertake a renovation in an effort to save money, but often find themselves in over their heads. For homeowners who are wanting to liven things up, but don’t have the skills to tackle such a project, the thorough kitchen remodeling northern Virginia contractors offer can help turn an old, boring kitchen into the room of their dreams.

Before a homeowner embarks on a remodeling project, they should research the current styles, colors, brands, and layout designs available. This can be done through visiting a showroom or a remodeling company’s website, like Here, potential customers can find photos of various contemporary kitchen designs that can be expertly completed by the Dulles Kitchen and Bath team. The site showcases features that people may not initially consider. Sure, the typical kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA residents think of may only involve new cabinetry or the look of a different flooring material, but what about back splashes, unique lighting techniques, and new storage possibilities? There are so many new and interesting designs, fixtures, and mediums for homeowners to discover just by viewing a project gallery. Contact Us Today!